Friday, August 17, 2012

Pedagogy , another word I just learned the meaning of, but still can't pronounce.

      In case some of you aren't aware of the fact, we just released my new book "The Flats Teachers' Test". Gaging  from the underwhelming response to the first three free days on Amazon, I'd have to say most most  weren't conscious of....or most likely didn't care about this fact. I'd like to take a few moments and share my crying towel with anyone who may find this blog by accident.
     You've missed the opportunity of a life time by not finding and down loading this master piece of literature when it ran free on Amazon. At a minimum I would be willing to bet very few authors and not all that many readers would know that pedagogy is not only a word...but a genre of books often over looked by all, but the most discerning of readers.
      Had you been watching when it ran free, my book leaped ahead of the other five books in this genre with one gigantic surge to the top! Not only did "{The Flats Teachers' Test" rapidly achieve the much coveted number one slot in it's genre in the very first four hours it was free, but it held it's grasp on the top for all of two or three hours. 
      The ladies(my fictional characters) didn't slip into the number two slot with defeated sir, they fought tooth and nail in a valiant and audaciously uncompromising effort to regain the much desire top of the list slot.They were crushed when their efforts met with defeat. 
      I tried to console my fictional heroines with the knowledge that "All About Dinosaurs" was a snappy title. I reminded them there was no way their book cover could compete with one featuring  a Tyrannosaurs Rex looming in front of a tropic backdrop. I met with with little or no success in my efforts to offer solace in this matter .
       I took the time to point out to them, that they did outshine "Teaching Strategies To Excite and Entice The Non-Reader" by more than five hundred places in the Amazon book standing. But efforts there were also all for naught. 
      The only bright spot I was able to shine on this dark chapter of their debut was the fact that Amazon placed them in a non-fiction category of books. 
     What an honor if you think about it...fictional teachers holding their own with non-fiction books about teaching. Also I'll add how many fictional characters, who are teachers, can make the claim they were considered non-fiction and deserving of the Pedagogy Genre?  I would be willing to wager not very many. I think it would be about the same odds  as getting a royal straight flush in back to back hands of guts poker(which is also a good way to start a fight if it ever happens to you).

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